Project 2 was very very fun. We were told to form a group and make a video which includes special effects in them. So my team decided to create a video which shows 3 different type of retro game and make it immersible to the user. We decided to use the game super mario, metal slug and bomberman. At first i was rather reluctant to do this project because it seem so difficult to do. However after breaking down the task among the team, i manage to understand what has to be done.

I was assign to do the metal slug portion of the video. At first it seems difficult to make. But after much planning and brainstorming, i manage to do it. Firstly i need to create tons of gif files because the animation of the game is mostly from gif. it was rather tedious but the effort was worth it once i put it with our video clip. To make it look as if the person on the video to immerse with the gif’s was rather difficult. It took sometime for me to make it look so believable that the character in the video is interacting with the virtual gif’s.

As for the effects, i added in a teleportation effect which i browse through youtube and combine a few techniques to create my desirable teleportation effect. Then i added in the muzzle flare from the guns and also explosion with a hint of concrete floor crumbling and added on with a wiggler effect to make it look realistic.

Overall i had a great time in this project. Although the rendering time was really very long. But i had a great time and experience doing this project. Below is the storyboard of the project 2.

For this storyboard, firstly its like a demonstration on how to immerse with the virtual retro video games. So the guy will enter the world and ended up in super mario world. He began to play and stomp on enemies and then enters into the metal slug game where he is as if in a warzone battling with soldiers and tanks. Then he will end up in the bomberman world where he need to best his enemy. Sadly he lost and that would end the video.

My part on the project 2: Metal Slug

And here is the finalize video of my team:




3DSFX Project 1

So we were told to create a mini clip and incorporate at least 2 effects to it. So we are able to do any effect we like to showcase what we could do after 3 weeks of learning to use after effects. At first my imagination was running wild. I really could not decide on what to do for the project. There is so many thing i would really want to do. So finally i got an idea to recreate an effect seen on cartoon and make it to reality. At first i thought that i was crazy trying to do something that i do not know at all. And also there are no video tutorial to create the effect itself. So that was the challenge for me. I had to figure it all out by myself.

Below is the reference video which was taken from the cartoon.

As you can see it is really a short clip. However i need to figure out how to create the veins on the face and also how to manipulate the eyes. Although it is such a short clip, i need to make it look intense and realistic. So firstly i need to do the difficult part of the scene. That will be the veins on the face. I went to browse through tutorials online and my efforts were fruitless. I could not find any good tutorials to create veins in after effects. Then i got an idea. I decided to create the veins in photoshop and then import it into after effects. So now i need to make the veins look so realistic and believable. Thankfully i am rather satisfied with it. Then i use the mask expansion to make the veins moving upwards towards the guys face.

Next i decided to do the eye manipulation. this one is rather easy because there is a tutorial about eye replacement on videocopilot.net. So i went to refer to it and did some compromising to make the eye look almost like the one in the reference. So technically i made it all from scratch.

So now after completing the difficult parts of the effects, I went to move on to the light flash just as he opens his eyes. For this i went to refer to the lumos tutorial regarding the light ring. And then i went to do the wiggle effect to make it look intense and dramatic. For this one, i watch it from a tutorial in videocopilot.

Finally i did some color correction to make it look pleasing to the eyes.

This is my completed video for project 1:


Week 3 is all about colour correction. We will learn how to use colour finesse and all the different colour correction tolls in after effects. Colour correction is an important topic to learn about because it helps to change the look of the video depending on the plot. Also it helps to make ugly looking videos into something professional. I was literally clueless about colour correction. I did not know what was shadow, highlight, alpha and also midtones. Thank goodness one tutorial taught me about it and i understood it. There are many exercises about colour correction for this week but although the steps are rather the same, there are slight differences to them. Below is an exercise to create a lumos effect from the harry potter movie. I manage to use colour correction to make it look dark n gloomy so that the lumos spell is able to shine dramatically. I enjoyed this exercise very much. Overall it is something new and fun to make using after effects.

The next one is also to change the colour field of the scenes. We got 2 clips from the movie the warriors way. Both clips have different colour correction but we are suppose to switch the two different colour in each of the clip. Herer are the clips.

Original clip.

Edited clip.

Original clip.

Edited clip.

The next exercise is to make a bad looking scene into a good polished looking clip. It taught me how to use colour finesse in a much more complex way and in the end i find it very useful.

Editted Image.

Original Image.

The next exercise is about the same as the previous one. We are required to soften some colours in the clip so thet it is not too overpowering.

Original clip.

Editted clip.

Original clip.

Editted clip.

The following exercise ia also the same thing. However i had a difficult time trying to colour correct the landscape one. But i did my best.





Then finally it is an exercise about bleach bypass. It may sound difficult but actually it is very easy to do. It is jus to create a blur effect to enable user to concentrate on the clear portion of the video than the blur ones.



For week 2 we will be doing much more complicated effects. It is really fun yet scary because the fear of not understanding it may be a problem. But thankfully it was good. Although we got an example in the tutorial, i decided to do some out of the box ideas making it unique and original. The first exercise was the fringe clip where we need to change the clip to another one using motion tracking. This one was rather easy because in the previous lab exercise, i have already done it. So for this one it was smooth sailing. I decided to create the feel of a music video by setting in the key poses and also the beat of the music so it looked polished. Overall i am very satisfied with this work.

The next exercise was to also do tracking. However we were told to add in images or extra items into the video such as skies and landscape. In the tutorial they did many castles at the background and also replace the sky. I on the other hand took only one castle and added in a mountain at the background to make it look magnificent. I enjoyed this tutorial very much.

The next exercise is really really fun. We are suppose to make a james bond intro using after effects. Finally something where we can do just as the real movie. I had a great time with this exercise. Especially the blood dripping part. Overall i like this exercise.

The last exercise for this week was a simple one but i decided to challenge myself to do something more. The tutorial teaches us on how to make a font looked transparent with the video, its called track matte. It was an easy tutorial but i decided to spice it up a little bit. I was so happy with what i did for the fringe exercise, i decided to do the same for this one. I took a music video and sort of made an intro duction to the song. I am proud of this work of mine. Overall, this is my favourite because i took the tutorial that i learn and apply it in my own way.



The first week of 3DSFX was really exciting. I finally got the chance to learn about the arts of special effects. To add more to the excitement, we were told to learn the basics of after effects. Although the exercise givan was rather simple, it really helps me to understand the functions of after effects in a much clearer way. The first exercise was to create a simple introduction about Power Foundation. Its really interesting when I learn about the keyframing and setting the movement of the words with the music given.

Then the next exercise was to create a blood shot from a scene given from videocopilot.com. At first i was really unsure about doing the exercise because it seemed difficult to complete. However, after following through the tutorial given, I was amazed that it was actually rather simple. Now i know how to makeblood protruding out of a person using after effects.

For the other exercise we were told to learn about motion tracking. At first it sounds difficult but actually it is a basic tool when using after effects. We were given 3 videos to do motion tracking on and I think i did rather well. I am satisfied with this exercise.


The project was amazing and fun. I had a blast doing it. There were many steps that were made to make this awesome animation. The first one was that we made a storyboard to refer to when we begin our blocking in.

For this animation, it is actually an arguement between 2 friends. The one on the right is furious and suspects that his buddy, the one on the left, stole it. Soon it sturred up in to a huge arguement to the extent that the one on the left could not find for any other reason to why he was not the one who stole it.

So i was assigned to animate the one on the left. My character is a very sneaky little fellow. He actually took the item and denies that he did not took it. Somehow he lost in the arguement and his expression and posture gave that guilty look.

After doing the storyboard, me and my teammate, decided to do a video reference to see a much clearer look for our animation.

Then i manage to get the poses from the video reference and did some blocking to have a rough view on how my animation should look like.

I then started completing the rest of my animation by filling in the in betweens of  my blocking and also make it look nice and fluid instead of robotic. So this is my end product.

Overall, i really enjoyed this module and to it this was my favourite one i have ever had. I love animation and by just learning more things about it made me understand the true meaning of a good animation, Nowadays i will never look at animation videos or movies the same way ever again.



For this week, we were told to touch on MEL scripting. The first thing that came to my mind was that it is going to be a boring exercise for this week because it is about programming and it is not my favourite topic. So i started with the first exercise. It was about lighting and it teaches you how to make good lighting for your animation or even model. At first i was rather hesitant to do this exercise but then i was amazed at what a simple coding can do to make something look nice and polished.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next i was suppose to make a group of barrels drop in a natural way with the help of scripting. At first i was like ‘oh no…..more scripting’. But After doing the exercise, it creates an amazing effect and it really impresses me. Somehow after doing this exercise it really made me interested in the scripting in maya.

Then the following exercise we were told to watch a youtube video and follow the codings being typed down. It is to create a zombie apocalypse scene and with the help of scripting, we must make the zombie and human to appear by using codes. It was very tedious because there were so many errors and i had a hard time figuring it out. Somehow i manage to complete it and the pictures below shows the generator for the zombies. One of them is only 10 zombies being generated and the other one is randomized.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Imagine you are creating a scene where a car drives along a straight road, but swerves around at random as if the driver is drunk. Do you think it would be useful to know how to program using MEL when creating this scene? Explain.

I think it is very useful to know how to program that on maya because it saves time and also effort for animators when they have other scenes and complex animation other than this one.

For the drunken car scene, give TWO advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons) of using scripting to create the swerving car animation.


Firstly as said earlier it saves time for the animators

Secondly, it makes things to be done in a much easier way


You cant get the sense of great animations by using coding.

It wont look natural as you want it to be when you program it.


This exercise is really really fun because we are able to go out and act out a scene based on 4 example script given. So me and my group mates decided to do the planet of the apes scene. The funny thing is that we are just suppose to act out the poses and not do any dialogue. Unfortunately we act it out like actors in training. Overall i had a blast doing this exercise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Next we were told to choose a sound file given by our tutor and create blocking to show the different poses made just from the sound file itself. This was a fun exercise because we are able to think out of the box to do this exercise. It really made me imagine the poses and make it in to reality. I decided to take the joker scene from the batman movie and i am very satisfied with what i have done.


For the first exercise we were given a task to do a simple animation refering to a short dialogue on the Star Wars movie. It was super exciting for me because i have been wanting to do facial animation since the previous module. So i began doing this Boris exercise and tried to create a nice animation out of it. However, my animation looked rather exagerated because it inunciate every word and it does not look natural. So I decided to do some refining on that animation by reducing the moments where the jaws move to articulate the words and also do a more natural head movement rather than making a spastic animation out of it. So here is my Boris animation.

Then the next exercise was to create some expression on a 3d face model by using Blend Shapes. At first it was very difficult for me to understand what is Blend Shapes actually. But after following the steps given online on how to create facial expression on the model, it made the whole exercise very fun and interesting. First we are suppose to create a smiling expression and a raised eye brow expression. Then we were told to make another expression by using our own imagination and creative ideas. There was alot of thing to choose from actually. I could make the eyes blink or maybe create a sad face. But then i decided to do something different. Ichose to make the ears to move up and down just to make a funny look on the model. So this is my Cluster exercise.

Does a blendshape require the base mesh and the target mesh to have the same number of vertices? Explain your answer, with reference to how blendshapes actually work?

Yes they require the same number of vertices because if both meshes does not have the exact number of vertices, it could affect the look of a model or a figure and this can make a big problem to achieve that look you desire to get from the model itself.

Can blendshapes only be used for facial animation? If not, prove it! Animate something and post it on your  blog?

Blendshape does not only be used for facial animation but they also morph shapes on other figures. At first i thought Blendshapes on facial morphing but after what my tutor told me about the wonder of using Blendshape, I realized the true purpose of the Blendshape tool. It can morph mucles to make the figure look fat, thin or even muscular. It is really a special tool. Here are some examples of using Blendshapes,

The video above is really interesting because not only it showed the use of blendshape on the body but also the method of making a great rigg. It is so precise and detailed that the rigg itself looked realistic.

If you want a character to look angry, you might decide to create a target mesh of the character’s head and then modify it to have an angry expression. This is NOT how it should be done. Why not? And what would be a better approach? (Hint: you want to give the animator as much freedom as possible.)

At first when i read this question, I do not know what to give for an answer. But after doing the cluster exercise, it was rather straight foward. The reason why making an angry expression should not be made using blendshape because it is more suitable to make blendshapes for each component on the face. This gives the animator much freedom to achieve the look they want for the model. But i did not say that making an angry face should not be done. It can but to make it look more professional, it is best to do blendshapes on each components.

3DVA Assignment

Well for the assignment we were told to create 2 different animation. The first one is the normal walk cycle and the second is to either make a emotive walk cycle or make the animation step onto a box and make it jump down. The first one was easy because i had done the walk cycle tryout so there was no problems with it. However the second one really made me think because both options are very interesting to do and either one has to be a 10 second long video. So decided to do an emotive walk cycle and the make the animation step and jump off from a box. It was quite a challenge but i manage to complete it and i think i am satisfied with what i have done. Overall, this 3DVA module taught me many new things about 3D animation. So here are my end product. I apologise again if the videos were pixalated because i rendered it out using playblast. But all the files are in the CD if you want to see it much clearer.

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