The first week of 3DSFX was really exciting. I finally got the chance to learn about the arts of special effects. To add more to the excitement, we were told to learn the basics of after effects. Although the exercise givan was rather simple, it really helps me to understand the functions of after effects in a much clearer way. The first exercise was to create a simple introduction about Power Foundation. Its really interesting when I learn about the keyframing and setting the movement of the words with the music given.

Then the next exercise was to create a blood shot from a scene given from videocopilot.com. At first i was really unsure about doing the exercise because it seemed difficult to complete. However, after following through the tutorial given, I was amazed that it was actually rather simple. Now i know how to makeblood protruding out of a person using after effects.

For the other exercise we were told to learn about motion tracking. At first it sounds difficult but actually it is a basic tool when using after effects. We were given 3 videos to do motion tracking on and I think i did rather well. I am satisfied with this exercise.


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