The project was amazing and fun. I had a blast doing it. There were many steps that were made to make this awesome animation. The first one was that we made a storyboard to refer to when we begin our blocking in.

For this animation, it is actually an arguement between 2 friends. The one on the right is furious and suspects that his buddy, the one on the left, stole it. Soon it sturred up in to a huge arguement to the extent that the one on the left could not find for any other reason to why he was not the one who stole it.

So i was assigned to animate the one on the left. My character is a very sneaky little fellow. He actually took the item and denies that he did not took it. Somehow he lost in the arguement and his expression and posture gave that guilty look.

After doing the storyboard, me and my teammate, decided to do a video reference to see a much clearer look for our animation.

Then i manage to get the poses from the video reference and did some blocking to have a rough view on how my animation should look like.

I then started completing the rest of my animation by filling in the in betweens of  my blocking and also make it look nice and fluid instead of robotic. So this is my end product.

Overall, i really enjoyed this module and to it this was my favourite one i have ever had. I love animation and by just learning more things about it made me understand the true meaning of a good animation, Nowadays i will never look at animation videos or movies the same way ever again.



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