For week 2 we will be doing much more complicated effects. It is really fun yet scary because the fear of not understanding it may be a problem. But thankfully it was good. Although we got an example in the tutorial, i decided to do some out of the box ideas making it unique and original. The first exercise was the fringe clip where we need to change the clip to another one using motion tracking. This one was rather easy because in the previous lab exercise, i have already done it. So for this one it was smooth sailing. I decided to create the feel of a music video by setting in the key poses and also the beat of the music so it looked polished. Overall i am very satisfied with this work.

The next exercise was to also do tracking. However we were told to add in images or extra items into the video such as skies and landscape. In the tutorial they did many castles at the background and also replace the sky. I on the other hand took only one castle and added in a mountain at the background to make it look magnificent. I enjoyed this tutorial very much.

The next exercise is really really fun. We are suppose to make a james bond intro using after effects. Finally something where we can do just as the real movie. I had a great time with this exercise. Especially the blood dripping part. Overall i like this exercise.

The last exercise for this week was a simple one but i decided to challenge myself to do something more. The tutorial teaches us on how to make a font looked transparent with the video, its called track matte. It was an easy tutorial but i decided to spice it up a little bit. I was so happy with what i did for the fringe exercise, i decided to do the same for this one. I took a music video and sort of made an intro duction to the song. I am proud of this work of mine. Overall, this is my favourite because i took the tutorial that i learn and apply it in my own way.



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