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IN3D Project 1 – Part 2


When i observe the contour of my treasure box, i realize that some parts of it has been made and demonstrated during one of the IN3D exercises. The toy train exercise was a great help as i got to make use of the vertex to transform a simple cuboid into a similar shape to the treasure box.

Then i went and research on how can the frame around the treasure box can be made. There are actually 2 methods that i can do. The first method is to use the boolean tool to create the framing. However it was rather time consuming although the method is straight foward. The next method, i need to trace out the original  frame from a picture and then extrude it. It is much more professional to use this method. However, i must trace the frame properly or else i need to redo the whole thing. So between these two method, i decided to use the boolean tool method because even if it is time consuming, if i do a mistake, i can always undo n do a small portion again. I also learned how to use the boolean tool in a class exercise which is also in toy train modelling.

Next, i went and research on how to create the bumps on the frames. My teacher asked me to check on bump mapping and i also heard that it is a powerful tool to create intricate designs. However, i didnt manage to get any relevant resources from the net. So i came up with another method to create the design of the frame. I decided to use the extrude tool to create the design instead. Although i wasn’t able to create the same design found on the treasure box, but i managed to do some texture onto the object. I refer to the gear exercise to use the extrude tool.


In my own opinion, i think this assignment is really fun and it helps me to make use of all the things i have learned in class and applying it all into this project. I am somewhat happy with what i have done and if there was anything that i would like to improve on is to learn more new skills to make this treasure box a realistic one. Also i think if i had known how to use bump mapping, it will be a look alike to the current treasure box that i have. There are still many things i need to learn so that i can incorporate various techniques for the up coming assignment.