3DVA Assignment

Well for the assignment we were told to create 2 different animation. The first one is the normal walk cycle and the second is to either make a emotive walk cycle or make the animation step onto a box and make it jump down. The first one was easy because i had done the walk cycle tryout so there was no problems with it. However the second one really made me think because both options are very interesting to do and either one has to be a 10 second long video. So decided to do an emotive walk cycle and the make the animation step and jump off from a box. It was quite a challenge but i manage to complete it and i think i am satisfied with what i have done. Overall, this 3DVA module taught me many new things about 3D animation. So here are my end product. I apologise again if the videos were pixalated because i rendered it out using playblast. But all the files are in the CD if you want to see it much clearer.


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