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Today was the first day of year 1.2 in Temasek Polytechnic. It was rather different than how i felt entering the school for the previous semester. In year 1.1, i always enter school not recognizing anyone around me. I kept on relying to be with my clique during those times. But somehow t0day was rather different for me. The moment when i entered school today, i see familiar faces waving hello to me. Not only that, in between classes i will hear my names being called out of nowhere. I finally feel comfortable in TP.



Hey guys!!! My name is Fauzan Khan Surattee. I am 18 years old this year. My favourite hobby is to listen to music, sketching and watching tv. My favourite colour is orange, blue, white and grey. I am currently studying in Temasek Polytechnic in IIT school. I took up Interactive Media Informatics as my course. Finally i am living life to the fullest!!!!….

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