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Online Campaign

The offline campaign will be incorporated with the SAVH Flag Day. It is to promote interests to SAVH by introducing a new media technology called 2D barcode. When the public gives donations to the organization, they will receive a sticker with a 2D barcode printed on it. They are then instructed to go to a booth nearby to get their code scanned. The public will also receive a free application to scan these 2D barcodes. There will also be a T-Shirt competition conducted online. The public are able to visit the SAVH blog to design their T-Shirt. The winner for the best T-Shirt design will receive their desired T-Shirt itself. The rules of the competition is simple. Participants have to incorporate a 2D barcode theme and also portray the campaign’s name –      “Enjoy The Colours”.


Youtube Channel

I decided to do a YouTube channel for the organization as they can do advertisements or maybe video of an event made by them to make it memorable. Also by having a youtube channel, it gives a higher chance to promote the organization as many users visit YouTube everyday. With YouTube, it also can be shared to facebook and also on blogs.

Website Management System

There are many website management systems, but among all the options, i chose to use Drupal. Drupal  build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. It has many features such as managing content flexibly, better theming, easier accessibility, improved database support and many more. With Drupal, it is more easier for changing or adding content in the websites or blogs. Changing the layout of the webpage will also be a breeze. Also Drupal will give updates frequently, such as new themes, some tips on how to develop or do a systematic webpage and also modules for consumers to follow. There is a new Drupal system called Drupal 7. It is much better and easier to use. Also it is free. It just need to be download the file from the website.

This video explainsmore about Drupal 7:

Online Campaign

Our campaign name is “Enjoy The Colours”. Its main purpose is to attract the public to be involved in SAVH’s Flag Day. By participating, what i meant is that we want the public to contribute donations and they are able to participate in the online campaign. When they do a donation, they will receive a sticker. On that sticker, there will be a 2D barcode for the public to scan. There will be abooth on certain location in Singapore for the public to get the barcode reader. When the public scan the barcode, it will bring them to the SAVH blog. On that blog, viewers are able to participate in the T-Shirt design competition. Also the best T-Shirt design will win the the T-Shirt itself for free. There must only be a 2d barcode design on the T-Shirt. We also created a poster to promote the SAVH Flag Day.