Week 3 is all about colour correction. We will learn how to use colour finesse and all the different colour correction tolls in after effects. Colour correction is an important topic to learn about because it helps to change the look of the video depending on the plot. Also it helps to make ugly looking videos into something professional. I was literally clueless about colour correction. I did not know what was shadow, highlight, alpha and also midtones. Thank goodness one tutorial taught me about it and i understood it. There are many exercises about colour correction for this week but although the steps are rather the same, there are slight differences to them. Below is an exercise to create a lumos effect from the harry potter movie. I manage to use colour correction to make it look dark n gloomy so that the lumos spell is able to shine dramatically. I enjoyed this exercise very much. Overall it is something new and fun to make using after effects.

The next one is also to change the colour field of the scenes. We got 2 clips from the movie the warriors way. Both clips have different colour correction but we are suppose to switch the two different colour in each of the clip. Herer are the clips.

Original clip.

Edited clip.

Original clip.

Edited clip.

The next exercise is to make a bad looking scene into a good polished looking clip. It taught me how to use colour finesse in a much more complex way and in the end i find it very useful.

Editted Image.

Original Image.

The next exercise is about the same as the previous one. We are required to soften some colours in the clip so thet it is not too overpowering.

Original clip.

Editted clip.

Original clip.

Editted clip.

The following exercise ia also the same thing. However i had a difficult time trying to colour correct the landscape one. But i did my best.





Then finally it is an exercise about bleach bypass. It may sound difficult but actually it is very easy to do. It is jus to create a blur effect to enable user to concentrate on the clear portion of the video than the blur ones.



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