3DSFX Project 1

So we were told to create a mini clip and incorporate at least 2 effects to it. So we are able to do any effect we like to showcase what we could do after 3 weeks of learning to use after effects. At first my imagination was running wild. I really could not decide on what to do for the project. There is so many thing i would really want to do. So finally i got an idea to recreate an effect seen on cartoon and make it to reality. At first i thought that i was crazy trying to do something that i do not know at all. And also there are no video tutorial to create the effect itself. So that was the challenge for me. I had to figure it all out by myself.

Below is the reference video which was taken from the cartoon.

As you can see it is really a short clip. However i need to figure out how to create the veins on the face and also how to manipulate the eyes. Although it is such a short clip, i need to make it look intense and realistic. So firstly i need to do the difficult part of the scene. That will be the veins on the face. I went to browse through tutorials online and my efforts were fruitless. I could not find any good tutorials to create veins in after effects. Then i got an idea. I decided to create the veins in photoshop and then import it into after effects. So now i need to make the veins look so realistic and believable. Thankfully i am rather satisfied with it. Then i use the mask expansion to make the veins moving upwards towards the guys face.

Next i decided to do the eye manipulation. this one is rather easy because there is a tutorial about eye replacement on videocopilot.net. So i went to refer to it and did some compromising to make the eye look almost like the one in the reference. So technically i made it all from scratch.

So now after completing the difficult parts of the effects, I went to move on to the light flash just as he opens his eyes. For this i went to refer to the lumos tutorial regarding the light ring. And then i went to do the wiggle effect to make it look intense and dramatic. For this one, i watch it from a tutorial in videocopilot.

Finally i did some color correction to make it look pleasing to the eyes.

This is my completed video for project 1:


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