Walk cycle tryouts

The walk cycle tryouts was my favourite by far because i can play around with the controls and learn how to make a basic walk cycle. It was actually really fun to do it but i had to redo it many times because i was not satisfied with what i have done to it. After much redoing, i finally get the walk cycle i feel much comfortable with. I got the hang of it by walking around and analyze my own movements to incorporate it to my walk cycle. So this is my walk cycle tryout. I apologise if the video is rather pixelated because i used playblast.


Rigging exercise

The rigging exercise to me was the most hardest and tedious thing to do. I really had a difficult time doing it and i always ended up with set backs that. For this exercise, i wont say that it was not great, but it was rather good to challenge us to create our own rigg and let us trty to create one to understand how one works. It was an interesting exercise but not my favourite exercise.

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Big Dog Exercise

The big dog exercise was really fun to do because it is more like a freestyle exercise. You can do what ever you want to make as though the dog is being pushed. I was able to understand the use of different body parts to achieve that specific key poses for the animation. At first it was not that easy and i need to watch the sample video many times just to get the hang of it. This exercise helps me to familiarise myself with the weight shift of the rigg. Overall, this exercise is something worth doing. This is my final product of big dog.

Weight Shift Exercise

The weight shift exercise is one of my favourite exercises for this module. I was able to make use of my posing skills and make it into a short animation. After familiarizing myself with the riggs during the posing exercise, this exercise was rather exciting. Firstly its because i was looking forward to see how well was i doing for this exercise actually and obviously my first try was not that great. I manage to get the hang of the weight shift from one leg to the other but modifying it is just too complicated for me. So this was my first try on the weight shifting exercise.

I then try to do the exercise 2 times since it was rather interesting and fun. For the second try, i decided to follow the example clip that was put up on OLIVE. It went rather well. I manage to grasp the look and the motion of the animation and i guess i was satisfied with what i made. So this is the second weight shift try out.

After doing the second animation, i decided to spice it up a little bit, so i added in some additional actions to the animation for the fun of it. It was the best among the other 2 animations i did. I was proud of what i did and this exercise really made 3D much more fun and interesting.

Week 2 Entry 1

Spiderman Poses!!!!!

For this exercise, i learned how to create poses by using the rigg. I was really interesting and fun to create the various poses. At first i was really unsure of what to click on to make the parts of the rigg to move. Then i was rather familiar with the controls of the riggs which made me create poses i thought i could not do. For example, there is a shoulder controller that enable the shoulder to move and also the back to make the rigg bend at the desired angle i wanted. Also there are also the leg twist to make the leg rotate at an angle without using the move tool to twist it. This really made it easier to make the poses.

This is an exercise i was told to do during the self-directed learning. I must create a cow model and learn how to manipulate a basic shape to a cow head and a body. I made use of the extrude function to create the head and also the body. It was really tedious to achieve the end product but somehow i managed to make it look almost the same as the cow model shown in the tutorial video. I am some what proud of this model as i have to redo it uncountable times to make it look like a cow.

3DVA Entry 1

Name: Amaya Rose




Where are my FREAKIN SWEETS?????



Amaya is a lovable young lady who is very shy yet loyal. She always takes care of her brother’s back and does not let anyone hurt him. She is a very sharp minded person who observes her surroundings and adapts to it. Amaya is an amazing archer and navigator. This makes her a very important team mate. She is very friendly and kind to almost everyone she meets. Amaya loves traveling and see the world in a way she has never seen before. She is very adventurous.



After the great war of the 7 cities, Amaya was abandoned by her parents. She was found beneath some rubble wrapped with red roses by a 8 year old boy named Ethan Cole. Ever since that day, Amaya regard Ethan as her brother. Both of them took care of each other as they had no one else. They were both orphans. The war went on for years and both Amaya and her brother have to adapt with their surroundings. Both of them learn to use weapons to protect themselves in the war zone. Everyday is a fight to survive. Amaya picked up archery during those times. That is why she is a great archer now.

Years later, the war finally ended. Their lives became much better because they won’t be in danger most of the time now. Ethan told Amaya about the day that he found her under the rubble. There was a note being held by Amaya’s tiny little hands. Ethan tried to read the note but he could not understand the language. Amaya also didn’t know what was the letter about. Then she had an idea to travel around the globe and try to decipher the note. Also Amaya will be able to know where she came from. So both Amaya and Ethan went travelling to find Amaya roots.



Amaya have many motivations. She love sweets and she must eat at least one everyday. If she doesn’t, she will be very very grumpy and would throw things everywhere. To prevent this, Ethan has to get loads of sweets just to make Amaya happy. Amaya loves her brother so much, she would do anything not to make him get hurt. This is because Ethan has took care of her when she was a baby. So now Amaya want to repay that by protecting him. Amaya also is eager to know where she came from. She didn’t know who are her parents and her roots. With the note, it could help her find her real home.



Amaya was born with bright pink hair and with hazel eyes. She loves earth tone colours and that is why her clothes are tones of brown. She is a very conservative person because she does not like to wear short pants and tank tops. She prefer long sleeved shirt and long cargo pants. She loves to travel which is why she wears boots and also a pouch strap around her waist.

Amaya’s hair is very unique because firstly it is pink and people could recognize her easily and also her hairstyle is very interesting making her stand out from the crowd. She likes to braid her hair and create an amazing hairstyle but the hairstyle she is having now is her favorite.

Amaya have a very interesting weapon that she usually uses during combat. It is partly daggers combined with a bow. This weapon of hers is hanged behind her pants.





Amaya: ETHAN!!!!!!!

Ethan: Yes? You called me Maya?

Amaya: Aren’t you forgetting something???

Ethan: . . . . . what?

Amaya: Where are my FREAKIN SWEETS???? (throws a rock at Ethan)

Ethan: (fell flat on the ground) . . . . . . oops i forgot. . . . .





IN3D Assignment 2 – Self Critique

In this assignment I had an amazing time creating this animation because firstly I am really interested in it. I was happy with what I came up with but there can still be room for improvements for my animation. In this animation, I manage to create a personality for CRONO because i solely created the animation by using keyframes instead of graph editor because i want my animation to look natural and exciting instead of boring actions. However, i had some problems with the box movements at the end of the animation. If i were able to seek the tutors help, i think i my animation would not be a problem. Overall, i think i did the best that i can to complete this assignment.

IN3D Assignment 2 – part 2

Acting & Key Poses

In my animation, I want to create an effect to show how frustrated CRONO (the crane) is when handling the box and also giving up doing its job.

The key poses in this animation are the squash and stretch of the box to show that it is stuck to the ground. Also CRONO will keep on shaking its head to show that it is frustrated and annoyed. CRONO will also move from left to right to show that it wants to get rid of the box from its handle. Another key pose is when CRONO decided to give up and it did a gesture to show that it does not know what to do with the box when it is stuck to its handle.


Application of Animation Principles

This animation obviously has squash and stretch principles because of the box being stuck to the ground and is not able to be carried.

It also has the anticipation principle as CRONO moves forward and have a closer look on the box before it carries the box.

Timing principle is also in this animation due to CRONO movements when it looked at the box and also its movement when it wants to put the box down to the platform.

My animation have the ease in and ease out principle when CRONO took its time analyzing the box to getting agitated and started doing quick movements when the box does not want to cooperate with it.

There was also a secondary action in this animation when CRONO was slowly moving forward to the box and its head moving up and down analyzing the box.

IN3D Assignment 2 – Storyboard

1. Box slides towards CRONO (the crane). CRONO was curious.

2. CRONO decided to pick up the box but it seemed that the box is stuck to the ground. CRONO tries to pull the box as hard as it could.

3. Eventually, the box got lifted mysteriously and this made CRONO confused.

4. When CRONO tries to put the box on the ground, the box seemed to be stuck. CRONO tossed and turned to make the box fall off its handle but nothing happened.

5. Not long, CRONO was tired and decided to give up. Suddenly, the box fell off its handle and landed on the ground. CRONO was much more confused.

6. The box then shook itself and started bouncing away from CRONO.

IN3D Week 13 Lab 1 & 2


1)  Apart from their different sizes, it is obvious from Luxo Jr. that the big lamp is “older” and that the small lamp is “younger”.
How is this communicated by the animation? Give at least THREE examples.


Do NOT say because the small lamp is playing with a ball, or that its name is Luxo Jr. – you should be looking at the animation, how the lamps move and emote (emote means to express emotions).

– The big lamp has a rather slow reaction when the ball was moving towards it but the little lamp was rather jumpy when it saw the ball and began chasing it all over the place.

-The big lamp seemed rather cautious when the little lamp was jumping around with the ball as it looked at where ever the little lamp was going and the little lamp was rather too playful by bouncing onto the ball.

-The big lamp has that quality of an adult because when the ball was flattened by the little lamp, the big lamp looked closely to the little lamp and shook its head as though it was scolding the little lamp and the little lamp was rather sad after being; so called scolded by the big lamp. It has that posture like a slouch and looking to the ground.

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