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Week 2 Entry 1

Spiderman Poses!!!!!

For this exercise, i learned how to create poses by using the rigg. I was really interesting and fun to create the various poses. At first i was really unsure of what to click on to make the parts of the rigg to move. Then i was rather familiar with the controls of the riggs which made me create poses i thought i could not do. For example, there is a shoulder controller that enable the shoulder to move and also the back to make the rigg bend at the desired angle i wanted. Also there are also the leg twist to make the leg rotate at an angle without using the move tool to twist it. This really made it easier to make the poses.

This is an exercise i was told to do during the self-directed learning. I must create a cow model and learn how to manipulate a basic shape to a cow head and a body. I made use of the extrude function to create the head and also the body. It was really tedious to achieve the end product but somehow i managed to make it look almost the same as the cow model shown in the tutorial video. I am some what proud of this model as i have to redo it uncountable times to make it look like a cow.