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Individual Workload

Chia Yin:

  • Evaluate existing website
  • Design a Blog
  • Reasons / Evaluationof Blogs
  • Improve Facebook page
  • Podcast

Hui Chun:

  • Evaluation of existing website
  • Design of new website
  • Other existing websites related to the topic
  • Statistics of the number of Blind people in Singapore
  • Prototype Twitter page

Sheng Lon:

  • Case studies of Campaigns
  • Evaluate other campaigns that has been successful
  • Research how to create a successful campaign
  • Offline campaigns


  • Design of poster (Advertisments)
  • Online campaigns (integrated with offline campaigns)
  • Create a prototype Youtube channel
  • Presentation slides
  • Management and tracking of websites and blogs

SAVH Services

SAVH offers many services that helps visually handicapped clients and members. These services does not only consist of courses to be taken up but also medical services. Here are some examples:

Low Vision Clinic

It is a specialized centre that is established to offer people with different levels of vision impairment the benefits of low vision devices to maximize remaining vision whenever possible. The clinic provides a comprehensive clinical assessment and advisory services conducted by a team of qualified Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

Skills Development Program

The Skills Development Programme aims to equip clients with vocational rehabilitation, education and skills development training. For example:

  • Vocational Skills Training (Sheltered Workshop)
  • Skills Training
    – Telemarketing
    – Computer literacy / Competency
    – Mobile Message
    – Car Washing
    – Touch Art
    – Clay In-Sight
    – Dining in the Dark Programme

Accessibility Department

This department provides vision impaired persons access to the same range of books and information for employment, education, leisure and personal enjoyment, as their sighted counterparts. This means of communications is to assist people with vision impairment to acquire the skill to communicate their needs so that they can be integrated into the mainstream education and the community.

  • Library for the Blind and the Visually Handicapped -The SAVH Library was set up to meet the reading needs of theBlind and Visually Impaired who are registered.
  • Assistive Devices Centre                                                                                                                                                                                  – This centre serves to enhance the lives of persons with vision impairment by promoting the use of assistive devices and         technologies to help them get on in life be it in the area of  education, recreation or employment.
  • Braille Production                                                                                                                                                                                                – It transcribes print textbooks and other reading materials into Braille for visually handicapped students in the Integrated    Programme as well as for adult clients of the Association and other organizations.
  • Audio Production Unit                                                                                                                                                                                       – It records print materials into audio format.

Vision Rehabilitation Programme

The Vision Rehabilitation Programme aims to work towards the improvement of the quality of life of our visually handicapped clients through specialized self-help  services that help them to raise self-esteem and to gain self-reliance to cope with integration into mainstream society. These services are:

  • Casework and Councelling                                                                                                                                                                               – To help visually handicapped individuals and their family members adjust to visual impairment                                                 – To help visually handicapped persons cope with family or interpersonal problems
  • Information and Referral                                                                                                                                                                                 – To offer information and advice to visually handicapped persons and their family members on the appropriate resources      available in the community, such as special schools for early intervention and job placement services
  • Rehabilitation Centre
  • Orientation & Mobility Training
  • Activities of Daily Living Skills Training
  • Environmental/Home Modification
  • Sighted Guide Techniques
  • Caregiver Training

White Cane Club

The White Cane Club is a feedback organ of our Association. It organises a host of social and recreational activities for its members. Some of its activities include

  • Social dance
  • Karaoke session
  • Picnics and outings
  • Indoor games (table-tennis, scrabble, etc.)
  • Tandem cycling
  • Talks
  • Parties
  • Art & Craft


Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped

Who are they?


The Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) is formerly known as Singapore Association for the Blind (SAB). This is a voluntary welfare organization founded in 1951. SAVH is affiliated with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). It is also approved for being an Institution of Public Character.


To Help The Visually Handicapped Help Themselves


To promote the needs, interests and aspirations of the visually handicapped.

What do they do?

This non-profit organization gives assistance to the visually impaired to all age groups of Singaporeans. They also provide treatments for patients who have problems with their sight. Courses are also available for clients and members to take up to get better jobs in the future.

Committee Members

President Mr Tan Guan Heng*
Vice-President Mr Khoo Kong Ngian*
Vice-President Mr Lee Soo Hoon, Phillip
Honorary Secretary Mr Danny Chia Choon Guan*
Honorary Treasurer Mr Alfred Shee Peng Fatt


Mr Adrian Tan Gim Hai
Mr Cheok Cheng Ann*
Ms Chua Swee Keow
Mr Jaffar Sidek Bin Ahmad*
Mr Steven Yeo Kee Peng*
WCC Representative Ms Ruth Tan

Those names that has a ” * ” are those who are visually handicapped.

New Media Landscape

Lecture this week was rather special as there were 2 guests that share their experience of how they promote advertisements and websites using media today. Also one of the speaker, Tan Kian Ann, talked about how he promotes his clients blogs through the web. He also talked about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), letting us know how to get other users know about the client site etc. The other guest, Lionel Chin, talked about how to attract users to view websites created by his company. He also share with us the ups and downs of dealing with clients.

There were a few points that the guests said during the lecture that inspire me. Mr Tan Kian Ann share with us how to get known in google. He told us that by making use of SEO it helps to advertise his work. He also told us that we can make money by blogging. That made me very interested. He also give me some ideas for my final project and he gave me some clear understanding about how to advertise and promote an organization.

After listening to the 2 guests during lecture, I feel more driven to do my work as they are our seniors and they understands our situation and they can also give useful tips to us. I would prefer more guests to be giving us talks.


The trip to the Asian Civilization Museum was amazing. I have never seen a museum that uses simple media to show informations and display visual pictures. I really enjoyed the trip there as most of the exhibits were fascinating. Also the museum is one of the few in Singapore that is handicapped friendly.

There were many exhibits that i really liked in that museum. Ho

wever the best exhibit for me would be the West Asia Gallery, the area where a large carpet is placed facing a huge projector screen. You will feel as if you are in a mosque with the ‘azan’ being played and the pictures of a few sites in a specific mosque in the middle east. You just have to sit in front of the screen and close your eyes and feel the innocence of the muslim society.








The other favorite exhibit is in the China Gallery at the exhibit where they talked about the origin of China and their heritage. There the exhibits was more interactive towards visitors. I enjoyed fixing the puzzle blocks together and reading the information written on each of them.

However i wish to give a few recommendations to make the museum a futuristic yet enriching with history of Asia. Firstly i would want to recommend a gallery that can only be viewed virtually with the use of new media. A virtual gallery that talks about various information about Asia itself. Secondly, i would want to recommend a few touch screens to be installed to the galleries that asks questions regarding the gallery. It will be very interactive and fun for visitors.