For this week, we were told to touch on MEL scripting. The first thing that came to my mind was that it is going to be a boring exercise for this week because it is about programming and it is not my favourite topic. So i started with the first exercise. It was about lighting and it teaches you how to make good lighting for your animation or even model. At first i was rather hesitant to do this exercise but then i was amazed at what a simple coding can do to make something look nice and polished.

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Next i was suppose to make a group of barrels drop in a natural way with the help of scripting. At first i was like ‘oh no…..more scripting’. But After doing the exercise, it creates an amazing effect and it really impresses me. Somehow after doing this exercise it really made me interested in the scripting in maya.

Then the following exercise we were told to watch a youtube video and follow the codings being typed down. It is to create a zombie apocalypse scene and with the help of scripting, we must make the zombie and human to appear by using codes. It was very tedious because there were so many errors and i had a hard time figuring it out. Somehow i manage to complete it and the pictures below shows the generator for the zombies. One of them is only 10 zombies being generated and the other one is randomized.

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Imagine you are creating a scene where a car drives along a straight road, but swerves around at random as if the driver is drunk. Do you think it would be useful to know how to program using MEL when creating this scene? Explain.

I think it is very useful to know how to program that on maya because it saves time and also effort for animators when they have other scenes and complex animation other than this one.

For the drunken car scene, give TWO advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons) of using scripting to create the swerving car animation.


Firstly as said earlier it saves time for the animators

Secondly, it makes things to be done in a much easier way


You cant get the sense of great animations by using coding.

It wont look natural as you want it to be when you program it.


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