Project 2 was very very fun. We were told to form a group and make a video which includes special effects in them. So my team decided to create a video which shows 3 different type of retro game and make it immersible to the user. We decided to use the game super mario, metal slug and bomberman. At first i was rather reluctant to do this project because it seem so difficult to do. However after breaking down the task among the team, i manage to understand what has to be done.

I was assign to do the metal slug portion of the video. At first it seems difficult to make. But after much planning and brainstorming, i manage to do it. Firstly i need to create tons of gif files because the animation of the game is mostly from gif. it was rather tedious but the effort was worth it once i put it with our video clip. To make it look as if the person on the video to immerse with the gif’s was rather difficult. It took sometime for me to make it look so believable that the character in the video is interacting with the virtual gif’s.

As for the effects, i added in a teleportation effect which i browse through youtube and combine a few techniques to create my desirable teleportation effect. Then i added in the muzzle flare from the guns and also explosion with a hint of concrete floor crumbling and added on with a wiggler effect to make it look realistic.

Overall i had a great time in this project. Although the rendering time was really very long. But i had a great time and experience doing this project. Below is the storyboard of the project 2.

For this storyboard, firstly its like a demonstration on how to immerse with the virtual retro video games. So the guy will enter the world and ended up in super mario world. He began to play and stomp on enemies and then enters into the metal slug game where he is as if in a warzone battling with soldiers and tanks. Then he will end up in the bomberman world where he need to best his enemy. Sadly he lost and that would end the video.

My part on the project 2: Metal Slug

And here is the finalize video of my team:




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