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IN3D Project 1


Ryan and Reamus are chosen to be participating in a reality rat television show called ‘The Amazing Rat Race’. The task is simple, the first rat to complete the maze-track will win a treasure box filled with the worlds creamiest and mouth-watering cheese any rat can ever have. So far the race has been very tight, both competitors are still neck in neck. However, there are still many obstacles ahead of them. Who will gain the lead? Who will get left behind? Most importantly, who will win The Amazing Rat Race?


Vertex – Select the vertex along the top sides of the cuboid. Use the move tool and form tool to create a treasure box shape.

Boolean- Create the frame of the box.

Split-Polygon Tool- Split the top portion of the box.

Extrude Tool – To create the frame design around the box.

Edge – to manipulate the box subdivisions.

Bevel Tool – to make some edges look smooth.



Lab4 – E-learning Exercise

  1. Does multi-tasking give you a real or false sense of having accomplished something?
  • For me multi-tasking is not my forte. I cannot do more that three things at once. For example, sweeping the floor, smsing and listening to music. It only makes things worse for me. However if we are refering multi-tasking as doing various work within a specific time, I could do that only if there are no set backs from other workloads. Therefore, as a whole, in terms of managing school work and assignments, I will say that multi-tasking gives me  real sense of accomplishing something.
  1. Is learning 3D design different from programming, or is all learning the same way? Why?
  • 3D design and programming are two different aspects and concepts for me to relate to. Programming is mostly on coding, coding and coding; although there is only a tiny bit of design to it. Personally programming is okay with me. However, it almost killed me during the last semester module. 3D design on the other hand is mostly on design, design and design. You need to familliarise yourself with the tools and try to mix and match different tools to create an object or a shape that you desire. Although it sounds almost the same as a programming terminology, however 3D rely solely on visual perception and I rely on that concept alot.
  1. In the article states that”Learning is actually a very complex operation for an individual”.Do you agree with this? Do you feel that you approach your learning in the best way – if yes,how, and if no,how can you change your work style?
  • Without a doubt, I agree with the statement stated in the article with much confidence. Learning is very complex operation for each of us to get used to. We must know what type of learning process we are categorized in. Some of us learn through their visual, learning from what they see. A few learn by listening and many learn by practicing and revise through the work until they get used to it. I think that I have approached my learning in the best way by practicing what I have learned in school and applying it to my daily life. However, I am not that satisfied with my method of learning as i tend to get distracted at times. To overcome this problem, I think I should complete the works that has to be done and then get sometime to cooldown and play a few games before continuing the next work. But I have to balance out between fun time and work time. But personally, I think i can do it.
  1.  What are your thoughts about the last paragraph in the extract?
  • The last paragraph is up to us to decide at the end of the day. We can choose to do something whole heartedly or we can do it blindly and not putting any effort onto it. It is all on the choices we make. If we want something to happen, we will make it happen; if we want to. The decision to do it is all in the palm of our hands. Same goes for this course we chose in TP. You get the course that you want to go and you are interested in this course, you will do the assignments, projects and exams whole heartedly. As for me, I chose IMI so that I can learn animation. Sadly, during the previous semester, animation programming has left a bad taste in my tongue. You can say that I was rather disappointed with myself particularly because I lost my drive during the year 1.2. However this semester, I am trying my best not to let that fire in me die. I will give my 110%  if possible to accomplish what i want for my future.
  1. Should your lecturers also focus on your work attitude, or just leave you to sink or swim on your own? Why?
  • In my opinion, I think that lecturer not only should but ‘must’ focus on our work attitude. Our work attitude will let the lecturers know what are our strengths and weaknesses. For example, if a lecturer knows that there are a handful of student are not that good in a specific subject, they should assist them so that they understand much better even if that subject is not their forte. Also I dont think that lecturers should let students sink in a subject. As said earlier, assist the weak ones and let those who are much better in that subject to be independent as it helps both lecturers and that students.

Intro to 3D – Lab 3 Exercise 1 & 2

In this lab i learned how to incorporate curves to the objects i create. At first it was rather difficult to grasp on the technique but overtime, i got comfortable using the curving tools. The exercise that i enjoy the most was the vase modelling exercise. I get to use my creativity to create the vase that i desired. Overall, i enjoyed this weeks exercises, although i had a hard time doing the bucket…..

Intro to 3D – Lab 2 Exercise 1 & 2

In this lab, I learned how to form bents onto primitive shapes making them into a unique shape. I also learned how to use the vertex tool in de program. This tool helped me understand and explore more of the shapes that i can create. In exercise 1, i learned how to create dents and holes from the boolean tool. This tool helps me to create frameworks of an object. In exercise 2, I learned how to make use of the coordinates of the objects dimension to create a realistic looking box. Overall, i enjoyed doing week exercises.

Intro to 3D- Lab 1 Exercise 2

This is Xero. The only robot that protect human. Recently, an outbreak occur when the the robotics company, CryOnyx, had a malfunction causing the robots created by the company to have a mind of its own. Since then, all hell breaks loose. Although Xero had a mind of its own, it understands the meaning of humanity and made a vow to stop the chaos that has happened in the world. With the power to do almost anything, Xero is the perfect hero and savior of humans.