Weight Shift Exercise

The weight shift exercise is one of my favourite exercises for this module. I was able to make use of my posing skills and make it into a short animation. After familiarizing myself with the riggs during the posing exercise, this exercise was rather exciting. Firstly its because i was looking forward to see how well was i doing for this exercise actually and obviously my first try was not that great. I manage to get the hang of the weight shift from one leg to the other but modifying it is just too complicated for me. So this was my first try on the weight shifting exercise.

I then try to do the exercise 2 times since it was rather interesting and fun. For the second try, i decided to follow the example clip that was put up on OLIVE. It went rather well. I manage to grasp the look and the motion of the animation and i guess i was satisfied with what i made. So this is the second weight shift try out.

After doing the second animation, i decided to spice it up a little bit, so i added in some additional actions to the animation for the fun of it. It was the best among the other 2 animations i did. I was proud of what i did and this exercise really made 3D much more fun and interesting.


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