3DVA Entry 1

Name: Amaya Rose




Where are my FREAKIN SWEETS?????



Amaya is a lovable young lady who is very shy yet loyal. She always takes care of her brother’s back and does not let anyone hurt him. She is a very sharp minded person who observes her surroundings and adapts to it. Amaya is an amazing archer and navigator. This makes her a very important team mate. She is very friendly and kind to almost everyone she meets. Amaya loves traveling and see the world in a way she has never seen before. She is very adventurous.



After the great war of the 7 cities, Amaya was abandoned by her parents. She was found beneath some rubble wrapped with red roses by a 8 year old boy named Ethan Cole. Ever since that day, Amaya regard Ethan as her brother. Both of them took care of each other as they had no one else. They were both orphans. The war went on for years and both Amaya and her brother have to adapt with their surroundings. Both of them learn to use weapons to protect themselves in the war zone. Everyday is a fight to survive. Amaya picked up archery during those times. That is why she is a great archer now.

Years later, the war finally ended. Their lives became much better because they won’t be in danger most of the time now. Ethan told Amaya about the day that he found her under the rubble. There was a note being held by Amaya’s tiny little hands. Ethan tried to read the note but he could not understand the language. Amaya also didn’t know what was the letter about. Then she had an idea to travel around the globe and try to decipher the note. Also Amaya will be able to know where she came from. So both Amaya and Ethan went travelling to find Amaya roots.



Amaya have many motivations. She love sweets and she must eat at least one everyday. If she doesn’t, she will be very very grumpy and would throw things everywhere. To prevent this, Ethan has to get loads of sweets just to make Amaya happy. Amaya loves her brother so much, she would do anything not to make him get hurt. This is because Ethan has took care of her when she was a baby. So now Amaya want to repay that by protecting him. Amaya also is eager to know where she came from. She didn’t know who are her parents and her roots. With the note, it could help her find her real home.



Amaya was born with bright pink hair and with hazel eyes. She loves earth tone colours and that is why her clothes are tones of brown. She is a very conservative person because she does not like to wear short pants and tank tops. She prefer long sleeved shirt and long cargo pants. She loves to travel which is why she wears boots and also a pouch strap around her waist.

Amaya’s hair is very unique because firstly it is pink and people could recognize her easily and also her hairstyle is very interesting making her stand out from the crowd. She likes to braid her hair and create an amazing hairstyle but the hairstyle she is having now is her favorite.

Amaya have a very interesting weapon that she usually uses during combat. It is partly daggers combined with a bow. This weapon of hers is hanged behind her pants.





Amaya: ETHAN!!!!!!!

Ethan: Yes? You called me Maya?

Amaya: Aren’t you forgetting something???

Ethan: . . . . . what?

Amaya: Where are my FREAKIN SWEETS???? (throws a rock at Ethan)

Ethan: (fell flat on the ground) . . . . . . oops i forgot. . . . .






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