IN3D Assignment 2 – part 2

Acting & Key Poses

In my animation, I want to create an effect to show how frustrated CRONO (the crane) is when handling the box and also giving up doing its job.

The key poses in this animation are the squash and stretch of the box to show that it is stuck to the ground. Also CRONO will keep on shaking its head to show that it is frustrated and annoyed. CRONO will also move from left to right to show that it wants to get rid of the box from its handle. Another key pose is when CRONO decided to give up and it did a gesture to show that it does not know what to do with the box when it is stuck to its handle.


Application of Animation Principles

This animation obviously has squash and stretch principles because of the box being stuck to the ground and is not able to be carried.

It also has the anticipation principle as CRONO moves forward and have a closer look on the box before it carries the box.

Timing principle is also in this animation due to CRONO movements when it looked at the box and also its movement when it wants to put the box down to the platform.

My animation have the ease in and ease out principle when CRONO took its time analyzing the box to getting agitated and started doing quick movements when the box does not want to cooperate with it.

There was also a secondary action in this animation when CRONO was slowly moving forward to the box and its head moving up and down analyzing the box.


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