IN3D Week 13 Lab 1 & 2


1)  Apart from their different sizes, it is obvious from Luxo Jr. that the big lamp is “older” and that the small lamp is “younger”.
How is this communicated by the animation? Give at least THREE examples.


Do NOT say because the small lamp is playing with a ball, or that its name is Luxo Jr. – you should be looking at the animation, how the lamps move and emote (emote means to express emotions).

– The big lamp has a rather slow reaction when the ball was moving towards it but the little lamp was rather jumpy when it saw the ball and began chasing it all over the place.

-The big lamp seemed rather cautious when the little lamp was jumping around with the ball as it looked at where ever the little lamp was going and the little lamp was rather too playful by bouncing onto the ball.

-The big lamp has that quality of an adult because when the ball was flattened by the little lamp, the big lamp looked closely to the little lamp and shook its head as though it was scolding the little lamp and the little lamp was rather sad after being; so called scolded by the big lamp. It has that posture like a slouch and looking to the ground.


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