IN3D Week 12 Lab 1 & 2


1)  Do you need to be able to draw well to create good 2D animation? Explain your view.

Yes of course u need to be able to draw well to create a good 2D animation because it makes it easier for other people and also yourself to understand the story line. 2D animation is like telling a story without words. If the viewers could not understand the story line with a bad drawing, the story will not be clear to them.


2) Do you need to be able to draw well to create good 3D animation? Explain your view.

3D animation and 2D animation are not two totally different things. They are still under the category animation. Same as 2D animation. 3D animation also rely on a good drawing skill.


3) What do you think would separate a piece of poor animation from a piece of good animation? In other words, how would you go about deciding if a piece of animation is good or bad?

There are many aspects to tell if an animation is good or bad. A good animation lets the viewer understand the story line without any explanation. Everything is clear for the viewer. However a bad animation is when the story line does not make any sense for the viewer and the animation is not realistic.


4) In 2D animation, you need to be very aware of timing at a frame by frame level, using timing charts and other techniques – but for 3D animation, this is handled using the graph editor, which is more concerned with manipulating rates of change over time.


Does this affect how you approach your animation work? Explain.

Technically, this does affect the approach of the animation work. You can do a slight change to the graph editor and the animation will look different than it normally does. Also in 2D animation, it is much more tedious as u need to create the animation frame by frame if u want to create a realistic 2D animation. But for 3D, with the graph editor, we can change the movement of our animation with just a simple drag on the mouse.


5) Give a brief critique of Maya as an animation tool. Don’t just say Maya makes animation difficult, or easy, or that you need to learn a lot of stuff to use Maya – explain what Maya does well and not so well in terms of creating animation.



Post your responses to your weblog by the start of next week.

Maya is a complicated animation tool but if you get used to using it, it will be easy to understand and also apply different techniques to create the end product. Maya is good with many options for the animators to choose. Maya also is good at making objects look realistic by adding texture to them. However, Maya is also slow at rendering animations and also not that convenient in converting the animation file format. But other than that, Maya is the perfect tool to make a person a good animator.


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