IN3D Project 1


Ryan and Reamus are chosen to be participating in a reality rat television show called ‘The Amazing Rat Race’. The task is simple, the first rat to complete the maze-track will win a treasure box filled with the worlds creamiest and mouth-watering cheese any rat can ever have. So far the race has been very tight, both competitors are still neck in neck. However, there are still many obstacles ahead of them. Who will gain the lead? Who will get left behind? Most importantly, who will win The Amazing Rat Race?


Vertex – Select the vertex along the top sides of the cuboid. Use the move tool and form tool to create a treasure box shape.

Boolean- Create the frame of the box.

Split-Polygon Tool- Split the top portion of the box.

Extrude Tool – To create the frame design around the box.

Edge – to manipulate the box subdivisions.

Bevel Tool – to make some edges look smooth.



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