Intro to 3D- Lab 1 Exercise


The structures of the prisons are all built in linear shapes. For instance, it is mainly built in primitive shapes such as cubes and cuboids. The buildings of prisons are all structured in such a way that the windows are aligned in an organised manner. Also the structures of the prisons gives people a sense of  gloom and emptiness.

The structures of toontown on the other hand are rather wierd looking and not all buildings are built in linear shapes. There are also many curvatures in the structures making it look lively. The structures of  toontown also makes the environment something like a wonderland feel.


The scale of the prisons are rather enormous as the structures are built with primitive shapes. With its broad appearance, it makes the prison a dominating area that intimidate people.

The scale of the toontown is rather small and cute as the curvature of the buildings would attract people instead of making them feel small. Also the buildings if toontown usually appear as miniatures of normal buildings. That is why toontown is more appropriate for children.


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