New Media Landscape

Lecture this week was rather special as there were 2 guests that share their experience of how they promote advertisements and websites using media today. Also one of the speaker, Tan Kian Ann, talked about how he promotes his clients blogs through the web. He also talked about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), letting us know how to get other users know about the client site etc. The other guest, Lionel Chin, talked about how to attract users to view websites created by his company. He also share with us the ups and downs of dealing with clients.

There were a few points that the guests said during the lecture that inspire me. Mr Tan Kian Ann share with us how to get known in google. He told us that by making use of SEO it helps to advertise his work. He also told us that we can make money by blogging. That made me very interested. He also give me some ideas for my final project and he gave me some clear understanding about how to advertise and promote an organization.

After listening to the 2 guests during lecture, I feel more driven to do my work as they are our seniors and they understands our situation and they can also give useful tips to us. I would prefer more guests to be giving us talks.


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