The trip to the Asian Civilization Museum was amazing. I have never seen a museum that uses simple media to show informations and display visual pictures. I really enjoyed the trip there as most of the exhibits were fascinating. Also the museum is one of the few in Singapore that is handicapped friendly.

There were many exhibits that i really liked in that museum. Ho

wever the best exhibit for me would be the West Asia Gallery, the area where a large carpet is placed facing a huge projector screen. You will feel as if you are in a mosque with the ‘azan’ being played and the pictures of a few sites in a specific mosque in the middle east. You just have to sit in front of the screen and close your eyes and feel the innocence of the muslim society.








The other favorite exhibit is in the China Gallery at the exhibit where they talked about the origin of China and their heritage. There the exhibits was more interactive towards visitors. I enjoyed fixing the puzzle blocks together and reading the information written on each of them.

However i wish to give a few recommendations to make the museum a futuristic yet enriching with history of Asia. Firstly i would want to recommend a gallery that can only be viewed virtually with the use of new media. A virtual gallery that talks about various information about Asia itself. Secondly, i would want to recommend a few touch screens to be installed to the galleries that asks questions regarding the gallery. It will be very interactive and fun for visitors.


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