What is new media art?

New media art is all about artworks that is done by technology today and it enables the audience to interact with the artwork and experience it in an interesting way. New media art today are mostly used by artists to express their artworks with various possible media introduced in this current world now. For example, new media art can be done through animations, music, digital graphics etc.

Why new media art?

I chose this topic because i want to discover new ways of art through technology today. Also, I want to know how new media art has affected our lives now.

What is sound art?

To many people, sound art is artists singing on a microphone and doing music videos on televisions to entertain us all. But actually sound art is an expression of an artist through sounds. For example, buskers playing unique tunes from tins and making them into symphonies. That is sound art. However, as we live in a world filled with technology, we can create sound art through media.

In wikipedia, it states that sound art is interdisciplinary in nature, it takes on hybrid forms and it engages the subjects of acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics,noise music,audio media and technology. From this source, I can say that sound art can be done even if a person does not know anything about music. For example, fusing random tunes from anything will be rendered in a computer and make the music turns out great.

You can also watch sound art in youtube to experience it in a visual way. Here are the links:-

After watching these videos, I learned that sounds can create wonderful artworks and unique sounds can be made through media and still sounds great.

Science art?

Nowadays, many artwork rely on the power of science. Building a structure can be done with science. Science is all around us without us noticing. Just look around and you will be amazed by the power of science.

In wikipedia, it says that media today uses science to create wonderful artworks. By analyzing the human anatomy, we can make realistic looking robots.

There are also amazing videos found in youtube regarding science art. Here are the links:-

Interact with technology?

We usually watch videos on the internet and listen to the radio. But thanks to technology we can actually have the feel of technology. We can not only see the technology but we can touch and interact with it. For example, touch screen handphones and musical stairs etc. There are various possibilities of how human can interact with technology today.

In wikipedia, immersive interaction is an artform that rely on the human senses to interact with technology. Virtual reality is one example of how we interact with the media. From this source, I discovered that immersive interaction is a trend that we often use everyday.

In youtube, there were amazing videos of immersive interaction. Here are the links:-

After watching the videos, I realized that immersive interaction comes in different forms of artwork. For example, the wooden mirror and dancing with lights. This shows that with technology today, many ideas can become a reality.

What have I learnt?

I learned that new media art has affected our lives in ways no one ever thought that it would be possible. We can now experience technology in the palm of our hands. For example, creating a reflection of yourself from a mirror made only out of wood and building robots that look almost the same as humans. Overall, new media art is an interesting platform for the public to experience.



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